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Hello everybody, I'm redoing my site. I got kinda tired with the other one and now im just gunna have a lot of funny videos and pictures and other things to entertain you. Sound familiar? Well if it does u've probably been to Bowles' site recently, but dont worry mine is going to be different because me and him have agreed that once one of us puts something on our site its ours, at least between us, there wont be any copyright infringement. Well wut im trying to say is if u see it here u wont see it there and if u see it there u wont see it here. Too complicated for u? Then leave, get out right now. I dont need any dumbfucks comin in here and leakin their stupid everywhere. Well thanx for comin and i hope u like everything. (sry for saying dumbfucks, it wasnt nice, but im leavin it in cuz seriously i dont need em)